The Masks of Vyn Morrad

The Volcano

To Erghos

As the airship approaches the looming volcanic island in the southern seas, the last light of the sun passes over the party. Farlister lowers the ship toward a beach near the rocky base of the volcano, and as darkness covers the island they begin their trek upwards. Aelar’s keen eyes spot a perch midway up the volcano where the lava flows seem to avoid, and they make it their goal.

A few bruises and singes later, the party reaches a massive carved archway leading into the heart of the volcano, like a giant maw waiting to swallow them up. The entrance is bereft of any guards, although one massive warhammer with a handle as tall as Halyn rests propped against the cave as if in warning. Through the darkness they twist and turn down wide corridors until at last they see the flickering of firelight ahead. As they enter a broad chamber, their light spills over several massive cyclopean guards, flanked by man-sized fire elementals, all of whom leap to attack the party.

Eager to flex their new found powers, the party makes short work of even the nastiest cyclops, and within moments all is still. That stillness is suddenly broken by the deep growl of something dwelling deeper in the chamber, a sound felt as much as heard. With the noise comes a burst of light from down a nearby corridor, followed by a wave of heat. Cautiously approaching with weapons ready, they turn the corner to find the lair of a volcanic dragon tucked in a chamber half filled with pits of magma. They party attempts to parlay with the dragon, but this breed is more beastly than intelligent, and it has no desire to trade words with anyone. A fight erupts, and with the dragon’s powerful vents of poisonous gas and flames come two additional foes from within the magma pits. Hulking beasts made of rocks and flowing lava pound the heroes from both sides while Halyn tries to stave off the worst of the dragon’s might.

The fight rages for what seems like hours, with the party taking massive wounds from the onslaught of the fiery beasts. Finally, utilizing clever positioning of Aelar’s root gates, they are able to out-flank the dragon and magma beasts and deliver the killing blows to end the fight. The dragon leaves behind a considerable stash of coins, art items, and other various treasures including 3 powerful magic rings.



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