The Masks of Vyn Morrad

The Forge Father

Speaking with Gods

After two difficult battles in a short time, the party decides that an extended rest would be in their best interest before they travel further into the tunnel. Setting up camp near the cave entrance, they choose watch duty and settle in to rest. Halfway through the night, Aelar hears approaching footsteps coming from the direction of the unexplored corridor. He prepares his blades and wakes the other members of the party just as two cyclops step into the firelight. They do not appear hostile however, and one of the towering creatures speaks in the language of giants and beckons the party to follow. Not comprehending the language, Krisnar uses the butt of his maul to draw the symbol of Argas into the dirt, a downward swinging hammer. The cyclops nods and again beckons them to follow, and then makes his way down the corridor.

Trusting that the cyclops means no harm after all, they decide to follow. The corridor walls go through an impressive montage of craftsmanship, starting with very roughly hewn rock and slowly turning into more and more intricately crafted masonry. The final stretch of the hallway is masterful with thousands of tiny tiles creating a mosaic depicting the Forge Father creating the powerful Masks of the gods.

The corridor ends suddenly, opening into a massive vaulted chamber focused around a carved stone throne 50 feet above the main level. Stone steps lead up to the throne, flanked on both sides by deep pools of magma. On both sides of the chamber’s main floor there are two crafting stations that are currently in use. On one, four cyclops work the forge and bellows to hone the steal of a massive great sword. On the other, a powerfully built dwarf works the forge alone, but easily matches the cyclops stroke for stroke.



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