The seas of Vyn Morrad swell and surge as the earth is eclipsed by a malevolent moon. Men peer to the sky and mutter prayers of protection to their chosen gods while women shelter their children with worried looks. The mid-day darkness stretches on for what seems to be an eternity until finally subsiding, though something unseen remains upon the world.

Rumors whisper of a ‘stain’ upon the land. Men walk with an uneasy step and peer into shadowy corners with worried looks. Some joke about the uneasiness that has settled over their village or city, but their laughs are half-hearted and forced. Only behind closed doors and in the darkest alleys do men speak of the palpable darkness that has fallen over Vyn Morrad, for fear of invoking it’s ill curses. Although rumors are as numerous as the leaves in the Oak Sea, all agree that something is not right. Many wonder; who can they turn to for help?

Our adventure begins on the western coasts of the Morrad Sea. The societies of Vyn Morrad bustle with their various trades, goods, and cultures as its people go about their everyday lives. Cities roil with the pulse of life; the rhythmic dance of merchants, peasants, nobles and cutpurses intermingling. Forests move with the untamed and unknown wild; the mysteries and wonders of the uncivilized world. The seas swell with the fervor of the Gods; the powerful and ever present reminder to men, elves, and all of Vyn Morrad’s minions of her creators.

Magic is a feared and respected art, only practiced by men of great power and intelligence. However, the winds of change are softly blowing and new men with visions of greatness are taking up the call. This is a time where brave and daring individuals seek glory, fortune, and above all: fame. In these times men and women are driven by great causes, both pure and evil, their actions changing the lives of all others within the realm and leaving a mark on Vyn Morrad’s past to forever affect the future.

But below the murmur of life and magic chimes an unnerving sound; the rebirth of an ancient evil once forgotten. The peoples of Vyn Morrad go about their lives, unknowing of the dangers that are stirring, and the ancient relics that could save them all…

An Awakening of Evil

The Masks of Vyn Morrad

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