War of Thunder

The War of Thunder was a years-long conflict that engulfed the entire northwestern continent in turmoil. The war began 50 years prior to the telling of this tale, and stretched on for nearly 25 years, consisting of seemingly endless raids by the orc and goblin clans of the northern wastes.

Vaik, in a rare instance of trust, joined forces with the goddess of thunder, Seriel. With Seriel’s Storm Lords and Vaik’s army of monstrous humanoids, they very nearly razed the entirety of the lands from Riverhome to Kaellen Deep. The death tolled in the tens of thousands over the years, and men were born and raised to fight back the enemies; sadly, many never knew a time of peace in their short lives.

It was a final push by the forces of good, combining the might of den Morrad, Teven, and Argas, that finally ended the war. The three leaders of the human, dwarven, and elven armies strode into one last battle, after having finally uncovered the legendary Masks of their gods. They had searched in vain for years, but finally uncovered these buried and hidden treasures. The dwarven lord strode into battle wielding the Godhammer itself, sending dozens of enemies to their deaths with each mighty swing. The elven queen Tellenia smote the orc chieftains where they stood, and King Brandas VII shook the very earth with a final charge of his company of knights and paladins. The battle was victorious, though it cost King Brand his life.

The leaders of the free peoples forged an alliance on that day, in that they would always remember how they stood shoulder to shoulder in the face of overwhelming adversary. With the War of Thunder as a bond uniting them, the cities were rebuilt and the lands brought back to a peaceful existence.

War of Thunder

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