The Elves of Vyn Morrad are divided into three races.

Yaelen Mir – The YaelenMir, also known as Wood Elves, are the most common of the elves on Vyn Morrad. They hail from the southern woodlands on the Eastern Continent, south of the Sky Mountains. The Yaelen Mir are a hearty folk, though slighter than humans physically. They can surpass all but dwarves in tests of endurance, and they are known to have a heightened awareness of their surroundings and movements, making them naturally dexterous. Their ears are sharply pointed, as with all elven kin, and their skin tends to be fair and unblemished. Both males and females will grow fine hair of light hues, though styles can vary greatly.

The Yaelen Mir are most at home in the wilds among trees and animals of Vyn Morrad, and so they tend to avoid spending too much time in civilized areas. However, individual elves often hear a calling to explore the world and seek out new lands to discover. This places the Yaelen Mir all throughout Vyn Morrad, and they can almost always be found wherever one travels. More common are they on the Eastern continent, so that they are never too far a journey from their beloved Yaelen Wood.

The Yaelen Mir are reputed to be among the most loyal and trustworthy beings in all of Vyn Morrad, once a bond of friendship and respect has been earned. They are valued allies to those who travel the open roads and deep woods of the realms, and their handiwork with the bow and longsword are legendary.

Veren Mir – The Veren Mir, commonly referred to as High Elves, are nobler in appearance, more serene and stately than their elf cousins, and are renowned for their keen minds and mastery of magical arts. They are commonly known to follow the path of the studious wizard or pious cleric, for their intellect and wisdom are well suited to these arts. Don’t be fooled however; woe be to the enemy of a Veren Mir Blade Dancer, whose deadly skill with the blade is a thing of terrible beauty to behold.

The Veren Mir make their home throughout Vyn Morrad, however their largest city is in the southern forests on the Western Continent, in the forest of the same name. It is not uncommon to see a high elf in any large city through the realm however, as they often serve as council to Kings and Queens.

Though at first seemingly passive and aloof, the Veren Mir are known to be steadfast friends and allies once trust has been earned.

Kelden Mir – The Kelden Mir are the rarest of Vyn Morrad’s elves. Known as Wild Elves, they mostly dwell in the deepest and most untamed woods of the realm. Rare is it to see a wild elf travelling an open road or within the walls of a city, unless it is for great need. Most sightings of the Kelden Mir are by those who dare to venture further than the fringes of the Oak Sea in the southern edge of the Western Continent.

Among what little is known, they are said to be the quickest of elves, dexterous, rather mistrustful, wisest of all in the lore of the wilds, and masters of woodland tracking and stealth. Favored weapons are the spear, shortbow, and curved dagger.


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