Tag: Magistrate


  • Chethan d'Alsaan

    Chethan represents the Merchant Guilds of Port Klaenth. He has served the city for nearly 30 years and has a reputation for being lenient to those who might break the laws, given they donate back to the city in penance for their deeds.

  • Genly Aldesair

    Former Magistrate of Port Klaenth, Genly represents the Craft Guilds. He favors those who create and who build, arguing that manufacturing goods to export on a larger scale is the future of Port Klaenth's wealth. Genly is middle-aged, and loves his …

  • Thanthil Zenari

    Thanthil Zenari is a former Magistrate and High Council member of [[Port Klaenth | Port Klaenth]]. H represents the Port Authority as well as the City Militia. Although Thanthil has a very good eye for soldiers and weapons, he certainly does not look the …

  • Marston din Sulam

    Marston din Sulam is a tall, hard-looking man with a bluff and weathered face that brooks no nonsense. Although the youngest of the former Magistrates, he has spent just as many years at his craft, having been born and raised on a ship. Marston represents …