The Masks of Vyn Morrad

A strange island

We’re not in Syrn anymore…

One by one our heroes awake, finding themselves washed up on a strange beach. A narrow strip of sand halts abruptly next to a thick wall of odd-looking trees. Of the pirates there is no trace, except for the husk of the Reef Runner broken and battered on the rocky shore. Those who wake first quickly attempt to aid the others, and while doing so they begin to hear a loud buzzing sound coming from the north-western shore line. A swarm of five insect creatures resembling mosquitoes the size of house cats burst through the palm trees and dart towards the closest thing with a pulse. In this case, Algar! Without much chance to react, the party finds their companion Algar stuck with three proboscis and quickly losing massive amounts of blood. Cutlasses and daggers are found on the beach, and Telthoris’s mightly heirloom blade springs into his hand just in time to deal with the creatures known as stirges.

Before they can recover, they hear more of the same buzzing sounds coming from within the palm trees, only ten times louder. The heroes realize that they wouldn’t be able to stand up to more than a few more of these nasty blood-suckers, so they quietly slip into the tree line of the island to the north-east and away from the stirge swarm. After sneaking the first twenty feet or so, they make a dash into the trees in hopes of finding cover or a place of hiding. A strange thing happens as they go deeper into these foreign woods, however. No more than fifty paces in, the sounds behind them are completely swallowed up. They can no longer hear the stirge swarm, nor the ocean waves crashing on the beach. Additionally, the air itself has grown thick and close, with a damp heat crowding down upon the party. As strange as this seems, they realize that they are no longer being chased and so they decide to split up and search for food, water, and shelter.

The Adventure Begins

Where there’s a whip there’s a way!

Our heroes begin the adventure as slaves aboard the pirate vessel Reef Runner, captives of the pirate captain Jurg. They have been aboard the slave-running ship for near two weeks, heading due west. They were all captured for various reasons in or around the city Syrn, though the reasons and the how have not yet been shared.

Early during the 12th day, the player’s characters were once again woken up by the harsh crack of the first lieutenant’s whip. It would be another long day of rowing, but with little way of resisting they shuffled to the sweeps in their 3-man chain gangs. While rowing, Gumbo Barleybrooke faked a violently ill fit, sicking up all over the taskmaster, Whip. The ruse cost Gumbo a broken nose and a few loose teeth, but it gave one of the other captives, Toshi, a chance to use his thievery skills to swipe a dagger from Whip’s belt.

After a long day of rowing, the slaves are led back to the quarters on the lowest deck, locked behind thick iron bars. On the way, the heroes hear nervous whispers between the pirate crew about a supposedly ‘cursed’ island that they will sail past this very night. The crewmen want to sail the ship as wide as they can from this island, but the Whip will hear none of it, reminding the crew that they need to get the slaves to Port Klaenth with all haste. To make matters worse, their fortunate streak of cloudless skies and smooth sailing is about to change. The last thing Algar sees before he goes below decks is a vast wall of black storm clouds on the horizon, directly in their path.


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