Marston din Sulam

Former Magistrate of Port Klaenth


Marston din Sulam is a tall, hard-looking man with a bluff and weathered face that brooks no nonsense. Although the youngest of the former Magistrates, he has spent just as many years at his craft, having been born and raised on a ship. Marston represents the Sailor’s Guild, a job that he was loathe to take on. Although he would prefer to be out on the open water, nobody matched Marston for knowledge and skill when it game to the sailing and fishing crafts, and so he took the station to best serve his people.

It is rumored that Marston spent a few years in his youth sailing with the current outlaw and leader of the The Brotherhood, Mace. This rumor is vehemently denied, and no comments are given beyond this denial.

Marston din Sulam

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