Devon Pendry

A civilized and respectable aspiring military commander


Devon Pendry is 25 years old and a fairly recent graduate of the Gulbeck Military Acadamy. He has some experience in the field and served as a second rank officer with the small town of Mylbaum’s militia for about one year. The militia consisted of two “officers”, approximately ten peasants and approximately nine pitchforks; although you’ll never get that information out of Devon. According to him it was a glorious and respectable post intent on defending the brave citizens of Mylbaum from the vicious wilds encroaching on their homes.

Devon was born into an upper middle class family with a strong military tradition. Devon is expected to make his own way in the world and gets very little support from his family or their wealth. They expect him to be self supporting and independent, because according to them it “builds character”. Devon is honorable and hard working. He is a strident supporter of civilized society and is used to a little bit of comfort in his life. His year in Mylbaum was probably the most hardship he has ever experienced. He has a slightly inflated ego and an over optimistic view of his own abilities. He relies strongly on his military training and traditions, once a member of a group he is fiercely loyal to it.

Devon was captured while trying to single-handedly rescue two citizens of Mylbaum captured by slavers. His gallant and noble attempt succeeded in freeing both citizens and also succeeded in getting himself captured.

Devon Pendry

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