Dengar Alvuus

Newly appointed Governing Chair of Port Klaenth


Dengar Alvuus is a tall and slim figure with square shoulders and an elegant presence. Long black hair touched with a hint of gray frames a strong-featured face. He wears a goatee in the local fashion with his mustaches oiled and trimmed to points.

He wears the flowing robes of a High Council member, with fingers decked with jeweled rings and necklaces of gold and silver.


Dengar Alvuus is the newly appointed Governing Chair of Port Klaenth. Prior to this recent appointment, Dengar was formerly a member of the High Council as one of the city’s five magistrates tasked with running Port Klaenth and the surrounding lands. While on council, Dengar represented the Moneychanger’s Guild and oversaw much of the lawmaking and taxation of the city. After holding this position for nearly 20 years, a sudden change in the political climate of the city incited a revolutionary change in government. Within a span of half a year, Dengar won the adoration of the people of Klaenth, and the respect of the majority of the council of magistrates. With a vote of four to one in favor of a new monarchy, Dengar finally took his place as the Governing Chair, a new title created by the council.

While the rest of the magistrates still serve the city and represent their various guilds and offices, Dengar holds a majority of power in the decision making of Klaenth. Only if all four of the former magistrates stand against Alvuus can his decisions be overturned, and this is yet to happen.

In his short time as the Governing Chair (or the King of Klaenth as the people like to call him), he has been met with nothing but admiration and cheers from his people. His first decrees and proclamations focused on cleaning up the city, making it safer for the common people, and reducing taxation. For this alone the people love Alvuus, however his One Hundred Day Festival has put him in such high regards that he will no doubt go down in the history books as one of Port Klaenth’s greatest figures.

Dengar Alvuus

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