Daves Sentrendis

An eccentric priest of den Morrad in his middle years. Fascinated with science and anatomy.


Daves is in his middle years, approaching old age. He is still tall and stands proud, his long white hair still full on his head. He has a serious demeanor, except when discussing matters of science, when he becomes animated and easily excited.

Daves is a priest of den Morrad, serving in their grand temple in Port Klaenth. Although he has passed the tests and is one of the elite members that guard the Mask of the Seas, he is known as something of an eccentric. He is the temple’s best healer, which he attributes to his vast knowledge of the human body and its anatomy. He is a scientist and an eager learner, and has even crafted his own surgical tools to be used in dissection. He is known to spend most of his waking ours in his own chambers, when he is not in the temple attending prayer services or healing the sick or wounded.

Daves is missing, though it is assumed he is dead by the amount of blood that was at his post where he was last seen.

Daves Sentrendis

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