The Masks of Vyn Morrad

Thrall's Kiss

Kiss Goodbye

The party thanks Dalson for his kindness and wishes them strength and peace in the rebuilding after these terrible events. Kamesh swears to avenge Alyss, or bring her back alive if she still lives.

The acolyte robes prove to be a good way for the party to get around the city while the Watch is still searching for them. Before leaving, Dalson had offered up the last known direction of the cultists that had fled the temple after the fight with the Blank. A mix of city watchmen and Storm Priests had chased a handful of them south out of Temple Square and lost them in the alleyways between the multitude of warehouses and foundries of the Craft District.

With a few successful streetwise checks by Gumbo and some expert tracking by Toshi and Thelkion, they find signs of the cultists holding up in an abandoned warehouse. Sneaking in as quietly as they are able, the party enters the warehouse. Unfortunately for them, the cultists were waiting and pounced with a brutal opening assault. The cultists fight viciously, but soon all fall; the last slit his own throat so as not to be captured for questioning.

Upon searching the bodies, they find, surprisingly, clear signs that the cultists follow Thrall, the Shadow Lord. This is somewhat puzzling as they had also seen signs of Mordaxis on some of the corpses and all of the skeletons from the temple. They also note that although the cultists were dispatched rather quickly, the blades of their twisted daggers packed a deadly bite. In fact, already Gumbo’s arm seems to be turning a purplish black color from his fingers to his shoulder after receiving a particularly nasty cut from the dagger. Kamesh and Telthoris examine the wound, and with a hiss explain that this is the dreaded Thrall’s Kiss.



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