The Masks of Vyn Morrad

Into the Shadow


The party suddenly finds themselves in a completely different place, and by the smell of things not a pleasant one. They are in a square pit, ten feet deep and ten feet on a side, and below them are countless corpses of fallen warriors. The faint flickering torchlight from the chamber above them shows that these dead men, elves and dwarves wear clothing and armor unfamiliar to anyone. They quickly decide they need to climb out of this pit and figure out where they are, when suddenly something starts moving beneath them and Gumbo is grabbed by a large green tentacle. As he cries out in alarm, they hear a grunt from the chamber above and the slapping of heavy feet on the stones rushing their way. Kamesh and Thelkion are attempting to scale the wall as a large shadow spills over them, and the two heads of an ettin grin down hungrily with two sets of crooked teeth.

A battle quickly erupts, two carrion crawlers attacking from below while the ettin hews hungrily with his ax from above, all the while gleefully describing how he is going to add to his collection of heads. Gumbo, deciding that being pulled into a pit of corpses and devoured by a large tentacled maggot is not really the way he’d like to check out, erupts from the pit with a blast of thunderous arcane power, knocking the crawlers away and leaping safely to the main floor of this chamber. He provides covering blasts of chaos bolts allowing the warriors still in the pit to climb out without getting dismembered by the head-hungry ettin. Meanwhile Telthoris was quick to simply teleport out of the pit and begin blasting his eldritch energy into the fray. After a brutal clash, the heroes were able to finish off one of the crawlers and the ettin (denying him of any heads), while the other carrion crawler burrowed away deeper into the pit.

Once rested and healed of their wounds, the party were able to search around their new surroundings to see where they had been teleported. Four corridors lead away from the main chamber, each fading into darkness, while one small alcove just outside the main chamber held a few surprises. There they found six hooks, each holding a dismembered head. One of the hooks, however, held a cloth sack and within was a dark orb roughly the size of a human head. Telthoris was examining the sphere when suddenly a female eladrin’s head appeared from within. “Who are you?” the stern voice demanded, surprising Telthoris and nearly causing him to drop the bauble.



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