The Masks of Vyn Morrad

Into the Palace

New Friends

The party gathers before the sun has risen, in a respectable inn and tavern called the Silver Cartwheel. All are present as they have decided that this will be the day they finally enter the palace to get some answers to the many questions that have arisen these past weeks in Port Klaenth. With the robes given to them by Dalson and the ruse of entering the palace on the pretense of receiving prayers and tribute from Dengar Alvuus after the massacre at the temple, they feel this is the perfect opportunity to act.

Their old friend Mace is present at this meeting, concealed in a flowing cloak to hide his identity. The party was surprised that he would risk such a meeting, but the ever-daring Mace is unconcerned with such dangers. “I am a cat, my friends, and I have many lives yet to live!” He sips a frothy beer, despite the hour, and chats amiably with the party before they get down to serious discussion.

Mace explains that the Brotherhood has taken over the old hideout of the The Shadowed Hand north of Port Klaenth and have been rebuilding their numbers. Mace is still fuming over the betrayal by his former brothers



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