The Masks of Vyn Morrad

Into the Depths


The lid slides shut on the trap door above, leaving the party in darkness. Torches are lit and magic lights are summoned as they begin the race towards the temple below. They begin making their way through the familiar tunnels of the lower temple, and soon hear the crash from behind them as the trap door is smashed to pieces. The rattling thuds of several skeletons hitting the stone tunnel floor means the chase is on.

Winding deeper into the depths of the tunnel, they easily outpace the skeletons to the point where they had last descended and retrieved the false Mask. A trapped and locked door delays them, and the first wave of skeletons rush to meet them. They are dealt with swiftly as Toshi cajoles the lock into agreement, and they continue onward. The new halls are strange and unfamiliar, revealing more of the ancient sub-temple below den Morrad’s house of worship. Aqua-blue stones and triangular doorways give an almost alien feel to the place.

Once more they are set upon by the swifter skeletons, this group containing a spellcaster of sorts, but again they are able to hold them back. Kamesh fights with a mix of caution and zeal, as he strives to both protect the Mask and destroy the vile undead that would try to steal it.

After descending several levels, they finally reach the lowest chamber of the ancient temple to den Morrad. Although not vast, the ceiling is higher and the walls broader than any chambers before it, and on the opposite wall there stands an altar with a smooth black stand set upon it. Kamesh rushes to the stand and, placing the Mask of the Seas upon it, begins reciting the scroll containing the ritual that would seal the Mask from unwanted hands. The rest of the warriors fight with devastating effectiveness, taking whatever measures needed to give Kamesh the time he needs to complete the ritual. Scores of skeletal warriors flood the chamber, and although many burst into bonemeal at a single blow, others yet are tenacious and fight with the skill of the warriors they must have been in life.

The skeletons begin to take the advantage, but not soon enough. Kamesh finishes the ritual and places the Mask on the stand, a blue-green aura popping up around the altar the moment the moment it is complete. Drawing his mace he wades into battle and with the full might of our heroes, they put an end to the skeletal minions of the Blank.



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