The Masks of Vyn Morrad

A Meeting

A New Ally

With the Mask safely sealed away and the threat of the Blank gone for the time being, the heroes make their way back to the temple, fearing for what they might find. The site is grim indeed, as they climb back into the temple hall and find that only a dozen or so Stormpriests still live, along with twice as many acolytes. The death toll is nearly 30 priests dead, with Alyss nowhere to be found. Only her delicate-looking mace was left, and no witnesses saw her or the Blank leave after their clash. Although still wanted men, the survivors seem to not pay the party any heed as they go about healing the wounded and blessing the dead. Priests of Teven have joined the temple to aid with the healing, and Kamesh offers his services as well.

After a few moments, a Stormpriest makes his way to the party to greet them. He introduces himself as Dalson Windreaver, the highest ranking survivor in the temple and therefore the new leader. He is a tall, sturdy man, balding with fiery red tufts of hair and a long red beard braided and hanging over his robust belly. He seems a gentle soul, and his bespectacled face, normally free with a smile, now wears the worry, strain, and sadness of the days events. He leans wearily on the blue haft of his greataxe, ‘Orc Rend’.

Dalson does his best to answer questions and provide as much information as possible. The temple is eternally grateful to the party for their deeds this day, and he rewards them each with a broach styled of silver and in the shape of the three waves of den Morrad. The broach is heavy in the hand, and may be worn as a cloak clasp. He explains that the broaches have a small magical enchantment upon them, which grants the wearer a better chance of shaking off the negative effects of a spell or stave off death momentarily.

In discussing their next moves, someone offers the idea of meeting with Marston din Sulam, the former magistrate that oversees the port authority and trade within the city. They recall that Mace knew him, and had claimed that he is an honest man. The trick would be getting into the palace without getting arrested…

Dalson overhears this, and offers to provide robes of his order to the party as a disguise, as well as personally requesting of the magistrate the honor of sending a small delegation of acolytes into the palace to accept the prayers and tributes from the Governing Chair after the massacre that has taken place. It’s a somewhat political move, but one that Alvuus could not decline.



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